C# - Capitalize the first letter of every word

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You need to format an english sentence into a "headline format" (first letter capitalized).
String words = "this is a totally made-up sentence";
Char splitter = ' '
Capitalize(words, splitter);
splitter = '-'
Capitalize(words, splitter);

private static String Capitalize(String words, Char splitter)
    String[] split;

    split = words.Split(splitter);
    words = String.Empty;
    foreach(String part in split)
        Char[] chars;

        chars = part.ToCharArray();
        if(chars.Length > 0)
            chars[0] = ((new String(chars[0], 1)).ToUpper().ToCharArray())[0];
        words += new String(chars) + splitter;
    words = words.Substring(0, words.Length - 1);
    return (words);
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2 Kommentare zum Snippet

Günther Foidl schrieb am 7/6/2009:
concatenation of strings should be done by using the StringBuilder instead of simple adding strings together.

Just as comment: The framework has a built-in method for this.

DJ Doena schrieb am 7/6/2009:
@Günther: Awesome, thx! I looked for something like this, but didn't find it.


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